Our Story

Our Story

WESAKE was born out of our very own love for sake.

After being huge fans of this delicious drink for a while, we noticed that the sake buying experience in the western world is not entirely friendly.

Why? First of all, there’s the language barrier. If you don’t speak/read Japanese, trying to buy Sake from any liquor store can be confusing and challenging... What does this label say? Which of these bottles should I buy? Are there any differences between all these options? Do they vary in flavor? (trust us, we’ve been there!).

Second, we found out that although many people love sake, there’s little to no general knowledge about it in terms of what its main ingredients are, different types, properties, and health benefits.

And third, most people think they can only drink sake when in a “Japanese occasion”, but the reality is that sake is an amazing beverage that pairs very well with any social event and type of food.

We believe sake should be fun and easy and that anyone should be able to enjoy it anywhere, anytime. That’s why we created a fun brand, put our sake in a can, and deliver it straight to your door.

Our goal is to become your go-to sake brand because we make sure you:

  • get a high-quality liquid
  • with delicious flavor
  • on a friendly label
  • made by a brand that is fun, easy, and lovable.

We made this so you don't need any excuses to drink sake whenever you want.

Give our sake a try, you'll fall in love with it.