WESAKE pairs well with... Madonna?

WESAKE Pairs Well With Madonna

On Friday, December 3rd, Ippodo Gallery, an artistic venue that works to foster and promote innovation in the traditional Japanese arts and crafts, invited us to be part of its latest exhibition: Synthesis II: "Adore" Madonna and Fusuma Photography by Kenji Wakasugi.

The exhibition highlights the artist’s exploration of photography inspired by traditional ink-painting. Juxtaposed to works emphasizing traditional styles and architecture are Wakasugi’s images of Madonna, demonstrating a vivid sense of modernity and nostalgia for the late 20th century.

Ippodo Gallery Madonna WESAKE

Taken during a 45-minute photoshoot, Wakasugi captures the then 27-year old Madonna promoting her album Like A Virgin wearing clothes by Jean Paul Gaultier, as well as numerous crucifixes and rosaries. Transcending typical fashion photography, Wakasugi’s portraiture focuses on Madonna’s facial expressions and gestures to reveal the superstar’s stunning sincerity.

WESAKE Ippodo Gallery Madonna
And you might ask… how did WESAKE play a part in such scenario? Well… we’ve always believed that sake is an awesome drink fit for almost any occasion, whether it’s a night out with friends, a family dinner, a summer picnic in Central Park, a music concert... but this was actually the very first time we could personally experience the effect sake has on people with a love for the arts.

Ippodo Gallery Madonna WESAKE
To watch attendees casually drink a can of WESAKE while enjoying Wakasugi’s work, was a reaffirmation that sake can only make enjoyable things even more enjoyable, and that this delicious drink pairs well with almost anything… even Madonna!

Ippodo Gallery WESAKE Madonna
This is why our mission is to set sake free, and make it more accessible, so that anyone, anywhere, anytime can enjoy the things in life they love most a little more… with a little help from WESAKE.

About Us: We believe that sake is too good not to be enjoyed more often. So, we’re setting it free. WESAKE is a premium, delicious sake that comes in a can so that you can enjoy anywhere. It’s pretty simple, we’ve just made a good thing even better. Someone had to.