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Launching June 2020, WESAKE’s goal is to make drinking sake easier, and more fun. How? Simple. They put great-quality, delicious-tasting sake in a fun can so consumers can take it anywhere and enjoy with anyone. WESAKE aims to become your go-to sake by having a high-quality liquid, with delicious flavor, on a friendly label, made by a brand that is fun, easy, and lovable.

The Story

Last year, the founders of WESAKE were seeking out sake as a fresh alternative to sparkling wine and rosé on warm-weather days in New York. They realized how perfect a sake could be — refreshing, delicious, and easy to drink — all on its own. Sake is commonly associated with something served warm with or after your sushi at a Japanese restaurant, and for that reason, many people don’t think of shopping for sake in other settings and for other occasions.

According to WESAKE, the most popular kind of sake in the United States is Junmai Ginjo, which is the style that WESAKE makes. Junmai Ginjo is light, fruity, and a little fragrant. When you think about it like that, it’s so easy to see why sake is something you can drink anywhere, any time. In fact, we’re wondering why we haven’t all been drinking a lot more sake all along? The WESAKE founders point out how lovely a sake is on a rooftop during a sunny day, and frankly, that sounds like paradise.

The Product

WESAKE is a high-quality Junmai Ginjo sake that’s a little dry, light, and easy to drink, with subtle notes of fruit. 13% ABV. Tastes better when served chilled.

The Benefits

Another way shopping for sake can be so much simpler than shopping for other kinds of drinks is how friendly it is for health and dietary restrictions and preferences. It’s non-GMO, it’s vegan, it’s gluten-free, it’s kosher. You don’t have to take any chances, or spend too much time researching. Popping open a can of WESAKE is safe for so many health goals and plans — for the simple fact that it won’t derail those goals and plans. Just knowing that makes drinking it that much more enjoyable.

Sake is free of sulfites, too, which, as WESAKE points out, makes it an easy win over wine. A chill hang without a wine headache sounds very lovely, if you ask us.

Where to get it

WESAKE is available for NY residents through their DTC website in 6-packs, 12-packs, and 24-packs at They are also being distributed in NY by TapRm and will be available in restaurants and bars throughout NY state.

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