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We ship to the Continental USA excluidng AL, AR, HI, HY, MS, UT. We can ship to any home, apartment, condo or office address.

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Learn more about our amazing sake in a can.

WESAKE is a high-quality Junmai Ginjo and 6 250ml cans equals 2 bottles (1.5L). When compared with other options of the same style, pricing even falls on the lower end.

The style of WESAKE is Junmai Ginjo which is a premium grade pure sake made with rice polished to 58% and no added alcohol.

We sake has 13% Alcohol by Volume. Similar to most wines.

WESAKE's Sake Meter Value is -1.0 and Acidity is 1.4. This means it's a little dry (not too much) and light. Expect a very easy to drink and enjoyable sake with very subtle notes of fruit.

Yes, our sake is gluten-free.

No! We don't use any animal derivatives in our brewing process.

Our milling/polish rate is 58%

Our sake is produced in OR using california rice milled to 58%.