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We can ship to almost all states in the the US. Certain states do not allow shipment of alcoholic beverages into their jurisdiction from another state. In compliance with these laws, we willl not be able to ship to the following state: AL, AR, HI, KY, MS, and UT.

Shipping alcohol is expensive due to weight and state regulations. We offer a discount over actual shipping costs with our flat rate standard US shipping of $15 for any order.

Yes. We can ship our product to almost all states in the us in exception of AL, AR, HI, KY, MS, and UT.

Shipping is available to the UK. The customer will have to cover the actual cost of shipping with origin in the US.

We do our best to get your sake fast to your door. In general it takes 1 day to process and 2-5 business days for shipping depending on where is the final destination.

Product FAQs

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We use “Yamada Nishiki” often referes to as the "King of Sake Rice"

Our canned Junmai Ginjo sake has 13% Alcohol by volume

Yes, our sake is gluten-free

Yes, our sake is sulgite-free.

Sake does not have an expiration date as it really doesn't go bad.

Our sake is brewed in Nada, a cultural district region in Japan known for sake-making.

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