Shipping policy

Sake: Shipping is available to the continental US except for AL, AR, HI, KY, MS, and UT.

Merch: Shipping is available anywhere in the world.

We do our best to get your sake fast to your door. In general it takes 1 day to process and 2-5 business days for shipping depending on where is the final destination.

We charge a flat rate of $15. We'd love to offer you free shipping but carriers charge us an average of $30 to ship your product, so we still pay for half of the shipping cost.

Merch ships for free in the US, $5 in North America, and $10 for the rest of the world.

We usually ship only within the US. We can work with you to make an exception on a large quantity order outside of the US. Please send us an email at with your request.

Product Information

Our sake is brewed in Kobe, Japan.

Our sake is a Junmai Ginjo, which representes the big leap into the “premium” category of sake which makes it elegant enough for seasoned sake drinkers, but also bright, fun and easy for all those who are starting to drink it. 

Our sake has 13% Alcohol by Volume. Similar to most wines.

Yes, our sake is gluten-free.

Yes, our sake is vegan friendly.

No! We don't use any animal derivatives in our brewing process.

Sake does not have an expiration date as it really doesn't go bad.