Perfected by Tradition,
For Everyone to Enjoy

Premium grade Japanese sake
WESAKE Japanese Sake

Perfected by Tradition,
For Everyone to Enjoy

Premium-grade Japanese Sake
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Since this sake was produced, the number of sake drinkers will increase from now.

Chef Nobu Matsuhisa, Nobu

Love this amazing sake. Well done! Japanese certified. The best canned sake.

Chef Hisato Hamada, WAGYUMAFIA

Awesome fruity aromas, really soft, really smooth, and a nice roundness.

Eda Vong
Eda Vuong, Sake School of America

Our Sake

Smooth, crisp, and easy to drink Japanese premium-grade sake. Made with only four simple and clean ingredients (rice, water, koji, and yeast).

Crafted in Kobe, Japan

Our Process

Our premium-grade sake is crafted in a 280-year-old brewery in the prestigious sake brewing region of Kobe, Japan using only 4 simple and clean ingredients.

About Us

Our team is passionate about making sake more accessible and approachable for consumers who are looking for ways to drink it differently.

The Reviews are in

I really like this sake, is a nice balance between sweet and dry and the can is a perfect size.

Tyler, Gear Patrol

WESAKE is perfect! I feel like I could have just one or two of these and be at a good level.

Sarah, The New Yorker

Sake is my favorite drink. So excited that it's as good as it looks.

Cat, VinePair

I'm always looking for different things to drink other than wine and this seems perfect. Love the fruity taste.

Eliza, VICE

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