Is sake served chilled or warm?

Is sake served warm or chilled

Premium-grade sake is recommended to be enjoyed chilled as this accentuates delicate flavors and aromas.

Although sake has traditionally been served warm, advances in brewing technology have showed that sake flavor profiles are destroyed by heat. Nowadays, most premium sake tastes best when slightly chilled. However, if sake is too chilled, most of its flavor components are masked, which also happens with wine. Both sake and wine present different personalities at different temperatures. Each sake has its own optimum temperature depending on the type of sake you're drinking and also on the consumer's preference. As a general guideline and staring point, you should consider the following:

    • Ginjo and other premium sakes are good lightly chilled.
    • Junmai, with its slightly fuller flavor and higher acidity, often comes into its own slightly cool or at room temperature.

    Warm should not be too hot, but rather just above body temperature, about 100-104 degrees fahrenheit (40 to 45 degrees celsius).

    ¡Cheers! Now you know how to enjoy sake at its best.